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Thailand's North vs South
        Where Should You Venture To?:

 Thailand is an incredible country with an array of paradise landscapes, exotic wildlife
species, mouth-watering cuisines, mega cities, glistening temples and palaces and much
more. There are countless destinations in Thailand, and the country is split between a

                                       handful of regions.

North:  South:

Comprising of many secluded islands, Thailand's Northern Thailand is unique to the rest of the country,

southern regions offer a perfect chance to sit and relax at with dramatic landscapes comprising of forest covered

idyllic beaches amongst pristine sands and turquoise mountains. The country's north also has many temples,

waters. Koh Samui is one of Thailand's largest islands, ancient sites, elephant sanctuaries and meditation

popular with honeymooners with lots of beachfront centres. Chiang Mai is a major destination in Northern

resorts, ocal markets and dynamic night spots. Phuket is Thailand which boasts beautiful countryside landscapes,

another popular tourist spot and pristine island with local markets, villages and traces of Thailand's ancient

luxury hotels, night markets and picture-perfect Lanna Kingdom. Chiang Rai is another popular

beaches. Seafood lovers will certainly be able to indulge destination, offering a slower paced way of life. Fresh

in Thailand's south, which is available in abundance sh is available in abundance here.

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